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Durable Medical Equipment in Medicare

Durable medical equipment is a health care device that helps the elderly and/or disabled person do daily activities easier, and includes such items as wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen tanks, and hospital beds. While having this type of medical equipment is certainly something we should all look for when purchasing medical supplies, the term is actually one that is used by the government when determining Medicare benefits.

Medicare is a type of federally funded insurance that is available to those who are over the age of 65 or suffer from a few different physical conditions, such as those with acute kidney problems. Medicare not only helps provide affordable health care, but can also be used to cover the costs of some types of durable medical equipment.

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All of the durable medical equipment covered by Medicare is subject to necessity of course. Individuals need to prove their need with a note from a doctor. So, before you make any expensive purchases, check with your doctor or a medical equipment supply company to see if Medicare will cover the cost of that item.

What is covered under the Durable Medical Equipment Clause?

A wide variety of items are covered under the definition of durable medical equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, items such as:

  • Hospital Beds
  • Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Oxygen Tents
  • Iron Lungs
  • Blood Glucose Monitors
  • Seat Lift Mechanisms

There are many different types of home durable medical equipment that can be covered by Medicare. Mobility Scooters and power wheelchairs are one of the more common requests from patients who are mobility challenged. In order for these devices to be covered, it is necessary for your doctors to state a specific need for these devices. Medicare will only cover them if they are needed for use inside the home. If you only need it when outside of the home, it will likely not be covered.

High quality durable medical equipment is extremely expensive and that is why so many people are thankful for Medicare in this country. But, the problem with today’s world is that everyone is in such a hurry to make a buck that they sometimes forget or don’t care about ethics. If you say something about your product, you should have no choice but to stand by that. Sometimes people have to learn the hard way and buy the product once to find out that it’s a generic, low quality product and never buy it again.

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