Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center: contact and Address

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center – Hospital Location:

4600 Spotsylvania Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA 22408
Office Location: 4604 Spotsylvania Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA 22408
Fax: 540-498-4066
Phone: 540-498-4000


american medical alarms

Will you live without an American Medical Alarms?

american medical alarm

american medical alarm

An American medical alarm is one of those equipments that a patient can use to signal something essential related to his or her medical situation. Typical American medical alarms will allow the patient to call help at any time.

There are though more advanced American medical alarm systems, like those that monitor the breathing rate, or the heart rate. (more…)

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medical coding course

Are You Confused To Choose Medical Coding Course ?

Nowadays, most people interest to looking medical coding course. This phenomenon happen cause of booming of health care industry. So, they expect to the new career that have a good future. Most of them are seriously looking medical coding course at the internet. There are numerous online medical coding courses that will make you easy to compare their program and cost.

medical billing and coding courses

medical billing and coding courses

Offer a program that wills makes you prepare to pass the required certification exams and accredited medical school will be one of the most important points. Certificate programs and associates degrees are offered several online medical coding courses. (more…)

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medical coding certification

Get Several Occupation Options with Medical Coding Certification

medical billing and coding certificationNow, we are talking about Medical Coding Certification. Opportunities in medical career fields are packed with responsibilities, and dexterity inside the specialized distinct medical relationships is crucial. As time passes, a profession inside medical occupation becomes much more of the challenge, adventure and competition. (more…)


Term vs whole life insurance

How to compare the Term Vs Whole Life Insurance?

term vs whole life insuranceYou can find two simple forms of life reassurances procedures: Term vs whole life insurance. The Whole life insurance is probably the long lasting insurance procedures, which also contain universal insurance. Each and every sort has its positive aspects and limits. Allow us evaluate Term vs whole life insurance for view which insurance sort is the best alternative to your wants. (more…)


medical alert necklaces

Why you’ve To Have Medical Alert Necklaces?

What are medical alert necklaces?

Medical alert necklaces look like jewelry and Jewelry is an important component of our lives in plenty of techniques. It really is an indicator of beauty, wealth and standing while using wearer, not to mention of belonging to some certain group. Around the other hand, why settle for these shallow purposes when it’s feasible to wear jewelry which will save your effectively becoming and your residing, most likely probably the most important of all possessions on Earth? (more…)

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Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency Information That You Must Know

Your Medical Emergency Information is organized?

medical emergency services

Like most households, each month you receive a variety of documents having to do with your health status. From referrals, explanation of benefits to treatment instructions, the piles of medical papers add up. Multiply this by the number of family members in your household, and you can see how disorganized medical records can be a never-ending problem and a cause of great stress in the event of a medical emergency.

The solution is a system for managing and storing your most important medical records kept in easy access. You can design your own system of organizing all the paper associated with your medical records and treatments with various filing supplies. I found a ready-made system that had a place to hold everything we needed to record and track care, a place to hold business cards, appointment cards and a notepad for noting doctor’s comments. It was a life-saver during my health crisis and treatment. (more…)


Medical billing companies

Find Benefits on Medical Billing Companies

Most of physician use the services of medical billing companies to cover their weakness of necessary skills to take care of the business side of his business. Every billing needed in medical practice’ would be taken care by trained staff of medical billing professionals in medical billing companies’ service. They can works as well as medical coding part of the business on handle the insurance details.

medical billing companies in

medical billing companies in

We know that is very difficult to work with insurance companies. A claim for some of reasons border on the ridiculous and the slightest reason will be denied insurance companies. A medical practice will find that their claims are denied a good deal of time when they quite busy with patients and choose to submit their own claims to insurance companies. If they already use medical billing companies, however isn’t often to happen.

Many patients must fill out the insurance claims forms for every one of those patient and that would seen a great for medical practice. Medical practice can take one person on responsible for filling out the forms for every patient that visit the practice. Insurance forms must be written out and send them of to the insurance company by those person. The claim will be automatically denied if one error is made on those insurance forms. That denied insurance forms will send back to be corrected and filled out again. The person that is responsible for handling the medical insurance forms can be often overloading.

The insurance company can still take months to send a check although the claims are all everything is fine and all filled out properly. When it’s happen, its can make a small practice have havoc on the budgets. Moreover, if in the same time period they have claims that are denied.

All of the problems and the duty to handle the insurance forms are will be relived with medical billing companies for their associated. There are billing professionals that getting to the insurance company through electronic methods and working on the claims. Its makes manually enter the claims to the insurance company could be eliminated.

The medical billing companies guarantee that the claim goes through the problem free and process error. Medical billing companies also constantly monitor to make sure is no problem on their claims. There are more than 90% success rate that most of medical billing companies have.

With an electronic submittal of claims, medical billing companies gets either accepted or rejected right away. If the claim accepted and medical practice will get the check in days not in months as happens with a manual submit to insurance companies.

Its will be difference between failure and success for practice that is a small business when they get their checks from the insurance company quickly. The small business must to afford they should consider what is at stake an then analyze the cost, when they thinks that the cost of a medical billing companies is too much for them. No matter what kind of medicine they practice, the medical billing companies will work for any type of practice.

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Medical Insurance Premiums

6 Considerations to Minimize Medical Insurance Premiums

medical insurance premiumAs overall health care expenses continue to rise, everybody is searching for recommendations to minimize medical insurance premiums. Examine on for six methods you are able to reduce your well being care expenses now.

1. Enhance Your Overall health

Your insurer might call for you to undergo a physical or answer a questionnaire about your well being. Non-smokers, who sustain a healthful weight, limit their alcohol consumption, and physical exercise often will pay out far reduce premiums than an individual with no these wholesome routines. So incorporate healthful routines into your life style and watch your medical insurance premiums go down. (more…)


medical billing and coding jobs

Trying to find Medical Billing and Coding Jobs?

Practically all medical services delegate their medical billing to alternative companies or perhaps self-employed men and women and to be an outcome on this, men and women who are able to consider on medical billing and coding jobs will discover on their own in higher requirement.

Whilst several work opportunities are office based mostly, virtual opportunities are getting increasingly offered inside of the market, allowing medical billers and coders to obtain medical records and reviews through electronic messaging and fax also to for that reason do the job from a site, which can be on the way of them. (more…)